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Vantai24h contributes to economic development Ha Nam

Vantai24h - On 12/10/2017, over the past years, Vantai24h has mobilized hundreds of vehicles, transporting thousands of tons of goods for you and partners from Hanoi to Ha Nam and vice versa.

It can be said that the transportation result of Vantai24h has contributed significantly to the economic development of the local province of Ha Nam strongly developed, bringing profit and stable revenue for customers and partners.

Ha Nam has an area of ​​about 860.5km², wider than Bac Ninh, ranked 62/63 in other provinces and cities of Vietnam. Ha Nam has 1 city, 5 districts and 116 commune-level administrative units, including 7 townships, 11 wards and 98 communes. According to the 2013 census, Ha Nam has about 900,000 people and is unevenly distributed, mainly in Phu Ly and other towns and towns.

Ha Nam is an agricultural province that accounts for more than 70%, but Ha Nam has quite developed road network and is very convenient for trade. Ha Nam has National Highway 1A, 1B goes through very convenient when returning to Hanoi in Ninh Binh, Thanh Hoa. In addition, Ha Nam is the central province of National Highway 21A, 21B. This road is from Chi Ne (Lac Thuy), Hoa Binh and connects with the Ho Chi Minh Trail from Phu Ly to Nam Dinh. Ha Nam is the end of Highway 38A and 38B to the provinces of the Red River Delta. Ha Nam is also a road system that connects the towns with convenient transportation means. Ha Nam's rural traffic system has been concretely cemented or combined with the rest of the communes. good.

At present, apart from Dong Van I and II industrial parks, Chau Son and Hoa Mac, Ha Nam province is developing strongly other industrial parks and industrial clusters, such as industrial parks under construction: Ascendas - Protrade, Liem Can, Thanh Binh, Liem Phong, ITAHAN ... According to the evaluation of Ha Nam province, in 2016, the total output in the province reached a high growth rate (11.62%); All sectors and fields have grown over the same period; increased budget revenues; attracting investment results.

However, since Ha Nam is in the investment stage, Ha Nam's economic development is slower, but Ha Nam's transportation and trade needs are limited. Only transporting goods from Hanoi to Ha Nam's localities, Vantai24h has shipped about 70 tons to about 100 tons / year, from Hanoi to Dong Van and vice versa. again. Goods from Ha Noi to Dong Van include many types, including mainly construction machinery, electronic goods, high-grade sanitary ware, all kinds of necessities, household goods ... Goods transported from Dong About Hanoi mainly products such as electric wire, animal feed, industrial wood, fine art wood ...

One of the outstanding issues that Vantai24h contribute to customers and partners in Ha Nam development is to create confidence in the organization of two-way transport. Vantai24h always care, handling goods transported from Hanoi to the industrial zones of Ha Nam province and vice versa, from the other localities of Ha Nam to Hanoi fastest, most effective and most reasonable price . The reason for Vantai24h to do this is to build long-term trust and confidence with customers and partners in Dong Van I Industrial Park, Dong Van II. As Vantai24h has a large number of trucks, diversified types, a team of professional loading and unloading agents by means of cranes, specialized cranes, forklifts and regular transport north-south route, passing through Ha Male should be able to meet all requirements of customers in both time and type. Because of this advantage, Vantai24h can easily transport goods for you, which is very convenient with lower cost than the general level in transportation that other transportation companies provide, saving for good money for customers. optimal row.

In the last two years, Ha Nam's economy has been strengthened thanks to its strategy of attracting investment and developing traditional industries, services and handicrafts. As expected by economic experts, in the future, Henan will become the local development of high-tech agriculture and many other industries. This shows that the demand for transportation of goods in Ha Nam is very large, very potential.

Therefore, in order to contribute to the economic development of Ha Nam, the company will continue to invest in means and human resources to provide the best transportation service. effectively respond to that development.


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