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Experience the fuel economy of driving Vantai24h

Vantai24h - On 6/2/2018, saving fuel in maintenance, maintenance and operation of transportation means very practical with each driver and company Vantai24h. Fuel economy is a way of expressing good habits and love with the means of each driver, greatly reducing the cost of transportation for customers, partners. This is also considered to reduce toxic CO2 emissions, contributing to the environmental protection of the company Vantai24h.

According to environmental scientists of major automakers around the world, most people think that a car or a fuel economy depends entirely on the manufacturer. However, in fact, experts assert, the new habit of driving is the best way to reduce fuel costs effectively. In other words, the level, skill, experience of the driver has a great influence on the energy consumption and CO2 emissions per kilometer. Their research shows that by applying environmentally-friendly driving skills, drivers can reduce fuel consumption and emissions by more than 25% compared to driving. usually, common, normal. Small changes in the driving behavior of the driver can also bring great benefits in fuel economy.

Mr. Pham Hong Viet, Vantai24h's driver shared, reduced the time of engine explosion, maximum vehicle operation is the best way to save, reduce CO2 emissions. Therefore, nothing else is the driver must master the professional, firmly grasp the supply route and plan to receive, return ... to have optimal driver control plan. In fact, according to Vietnamese statistics, good practice in restricting the number of vehicles and operating unnecessary vehicles has saved about 10 to 20 percent of fuel costs.

As such, it is clear that everyday driving habits help the operator not to "throw money through the window". To achieve the goal of saving, keeping good durable use, Vantai24h's drivers usually apply the following methods:

One is, drive slowly

Vantai24h company has hundreds of trucks across the north and south to transport to provinces, cities in the country. Especially transporting highways from industrial parks and export processing zones in Hanoi to other provinces and cities. Therefore, ensuring safe driving has significant past significance. Therefore, the driver must always be attentive, thorough. Driving habits such as speeding, braking can make it more difficult for people involved in the traffic, and can lead to more fuel consumption. So, if it's not an emergency, gently accelerate, brake early, smooth and within safe limits, do not change lane running. This not only saves you fuel but also increases the life of your brakes and tires.

Second, the driver slowed down

Pham Hong Viet and many other Vantai24h drivers confirmed that the higher the speed, the more fuel wasted. When driving at a speed of 90 km / h instead of 100 km / h, the operator will save 10 to 15% of the fuel. At the same time, if running at steady speed, the savings are higher. Because every time a rider pedal accelerates, more fuel is injected into the engine, sometimes more than necessary. Using the Speed ​​Control system whenever possible on the highway will help maintain a steady speed and save fuel.

Third, shutdown when stopped

At present, engines do not need warming up time. The driver should move the vehicle immediately after the start, avoid idling. Stopping the engine will increase emissions and consume more fuel. In case of unnecessary, turn off the engine if the vehicle is standing still for more than 30 seconds, avoiding waste of fuel.

Fourth, cut unnecessary goods

The lighter the volume of cargo on the tank or in the car, the less fuel needed to accelerate. Try to move with as few objects as possible, keeping only important items (eg first aid kit, battery electric cord, compact kit, and small trigger) on the vehicle.

Fifth, reduce wind resistance

Your vehicle is designed to help minimize wind resistance. Therefore, when carrying a large object or stretching too much will cause the resistance of the wind will increase much. If you go a long way, try to arrange the furniture in the cab or fix the rear end. In addition, closing the glass side windows and sunroof also reduces wind resistance. The less drag, the more fuel savings.

Sixth, when the weather is cool, turn on air conditioning only

Turning low-temperature air conditioning costs about 15% of the fuel. So if it's not too hot, let the glass down and turn off the air conditioning while driving around the city. However, when the car is running at speeds of over 90km / h, closing the window and turning on the air conditioner will be a more reasonable decision for two reasons: One is to increase the aerodynamic capacity of the vehicle, High-performance motors generate enough power for efficient air conditioning systems.

Sixth, use the cruise control system (Cruise Control)

Turning on the Cruise Control not only saves you time when driving at high speeds, but also improves fuel economy, maintains fuel economy at a steady pace and does not waste fuel when accelerated. Please install the system at a speed that will help the car get the best fuel economy, as long as it does not exceed the specified speed.

Seven, solve many things on the same trip

Moving many short distances will be more fuel-efficient than just a long haul. So, when it's convenient to go somewhere, the driver can combine other work on the same route to use fuel efficiently.

Eight, car maintenance is the best way to save fuel

The way you maintain the equipment also affects the amount of fuel consumption. When the car is always operating in the best condition, the power consumption is minimal. In addition to routine maintenance techniques that are familiar to many, replacing old fuel or spark plugs, wheel balancers and exhaust systems also contribute to fuel economy. Vehicle maintenance procedures and driving habits can help increase fuel economy by up to 25%.

Nine, keep the car engine is always "healthy"

When the car breaks down or fails to meet the emissions test, thorough repair will result in an average fuel economy of 4%. Especially: if the damaged oxygen sensor in the engine is replaced, the fuel economy will increase by 40%.

Ten, maintain the standard tire pressure

Tires are properly inflated with standard pressure to make driving safer, more accurate driving, more durable and more fuel efficient. Appropriate pressure for the wheels when driving is documented in the operating manual or located at the driver's door, door or glove box. Note, do not over-pressure the tire due to over inflated tires will reduce the grip and tire life.

Eleven, use the recommended engine oil

Use of the lubricant recommended by the manufacturer (as specified in the user's manual) will help the lubrication system operate at maximum efficiency. When using the wrong type of lubricant, fuel economy can be reduced by up to 2%.


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