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Constantly improving the capacity and service quality

Vantai24h - According to statistics, in the 8 months of 2019, Vantai24h continues to maintain the momentum of growth, transporting thousands of tons of goods to partners with absolute safety, timely meeting the needs of customers and partners in every way. condition.
 In order to get this result, in addition to carefully preparing forces, vehicles, actively applying IT in transport management and operation, Vantai24h has focused on renovating the consultancy, order receiving and organizing arrangements. Fast, tight unloading, transport and settlement.

Talking with us, Ms. Doan Thi Lan, Deputy Head of Accounting Department of Vantai24h, said that over the years, Vantai24h has accumulated a lot of valuable experience in organizing road transport services in the spirit of exchange. new and usable. Since then the company has launched a reasonable shipping process, which is compatible with each type of customer. The outstanding advantage in these processes is the close combination of consulting force, transport organization and financial settlement. "It is like a living body that always operates stably and effectively, creating a lot of trust and reputation with customers and partners."
It can be said that, with customers, familiar partners with large and regular quantities of goods, the same stage of transportation, the coordination is very easy because there is a contract, planning and preparation work. thoughtful. In these cases, the coordinating parts work very smoothly and articulate.
However, with unexpected orders, new customers, not much shipping volume and time for fast transportation, coordination between the parties is relatively difficult.
Ms. Lan for example, during the holidays and breaks, due to urgent transportation requirements to keep up with the schedule, customers urgently asked the company to send forces and means of transport from Hanoi to Saigon, avoiding storms. 4.
Receiving orders, the forces worked hard, through the evening break. At 18:00 on August 26, the 5-ton truck was finished loading and departed for Saigon. Three days later, when the typhoon No. 4 raged in Thanh Hoa, Nghe An, Ha Tinh, Quang Binh and Quang Tri provinces, the goods arrived safely in Saigon.
Talking about the role of accountants in the transportation of goods to customers, Ms. Lan said, the accountant advised the Board of Directors of the company to build shipping norms, in accordance with the provisions of the State and reality. Also shipping problems may arise on the road. Thereby, with each specific shipment, it will promptly provide cash to the driver force to ensure the completion of the task.
 Nguyen Van Hoa is a senior driver at Vantai24h Company with experience, unlike the drivers of passenger cars running on the supply and fixed routes, the drivers of long-distance trucks always change the route according to the orders of the public. Company and shippers' requests. This makes the driver encounter a lot of pressure when performing tasks. However, the application of science and technology in operating and transport management of the company helps drivers feel secure because there are always "allies" on each road. "Our important task is to ensure the car is safe in technical condition and operate the car" going there, going to the place ", taking the goods to the absolute safety," Hoa said.

Up to now, Nguyen Van Hoa always maintains the title as one of the "golden drivers" of the company. Only in June 2019, he has exceeded the delivery limit of nearly 50%. Hoa shares, keeps healthy, distributes health regularly, reasonably in the organization of transportation, absolutely is not in a hurry, subjective when on duty is the secret to becoming one of the "neat first flags" of the public ty.
Currently, in addition to standardizing transport activities, operating closely, uniformly, Vantai24h has taken measures to promote the education of drivers in the direction of taking virtue. Completing the regulations in transporting science, in line with reality, harmoniously resolving the rights of drivers has helped drivers and workers feel more secure and attached to the company.
In particular, the transport of the mind, bringing the goods to the destination absolutely safe, on time has created trust with customers and sustainable partners. This is the reason for Vantai24h to have more prestige to compete healthily with partners in the same business field.
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