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Vantai24h company reaches far from prestige

Vantai24h - Over the past two years, due to the Covid-19 epidemic, many small and medium enterprises have been in a state of inactive or inactive operation, with no revenue. In the field of freight transport, many transport enterprises operate in moderation due to the blockade.
In that context, those reasons have more or less influence on the business activities of Vantai24h Company, but basically not much. The company still basically stands firm and ensures wages for employees. This result is obtained from development in the right direction by credit.

Before joining Vantai24, Mr. Nguyen Van Ha invested in buying a personal truck to transport goods to people in the area. At first, the basic income is quite good. He decided to invest in two more. However, because many people also buy transport trucks while the demand for local transportation has not increased much. The car was lying in the parking lot, the driver had little work to do and left to find a new job while Mr. Ha still had to pay expenses, such as: Bank loan interest, periodic car maintenance and other unnamed expenses. When he was no longer able, Mr. Ha decided to sell the car to save some capital to pay the debt. Ha wandered around looking for work and also worked as a driver for several companies, but her income was still precarious. The opportunity came when Ha was introduced by an acquaintance to work as a driver at Vantai24 Company. The company has many things to do, Ha is eager to do, takes care of the car like a child, the technical coefficient is always guaranteed, so soon he has a reputation and receives many orders. Not doing all the work, Ha's income increased rapidly. When hearing the sound of the company investing in container trucks to open a new business strategy, Ha met the director and proposed to stop working, give up her pocket money to raise her driver's license to FC class. However, the director of the company vantai24h drew Ha how to both work and go to school. Every day, Ha takes advantage of two hours to learn to drive a tractor at the center and still takes care of regular transportation, although the volume of goods is lower than before.

After obtaining the FC driver's license and being assigned a shipping container to a ceramic company, Ha has demonstrated her ability to ensure absolute safe transportation and is highly trusted by customers. Up to now, Ha's income has reached nearly 40 million/month, nearly 3 times higher than before. Currently, after nearly 3 years of implementation, vantai24h Company has nearly 20 container tractors. Correspondingly, there are nearly 20 drivers with an income of nearly 40 million/month. Ha shared, because the company receives orders from large manufacturing enterprises, works according to a stable plan, so container drivers can work by day or take trips from 2-4 days, without pressure. in terms of time, productivity like other long-distance container drivers, so it is very strong. "The important thing is that there is no pressure, the spirit is comfortable, so the work efficiency is very high," Ha said honestly.

Thanks to always paying due attention to material life and having good drivers, plus a stable source of goods and many new customers, so far, the reputation of Vantai24h Company has not stopped reaching far. The company is sought by many customers, carefully contracted to transport in large quantities. During the Covid-19 epidemic over the past two years, many hospitals have come to Vantai24h Company to transport medical products to serve medical examination and treatment for people. Before these special items, the company has planned detailed transportation, and focused on human resources and means to carry out. There are officials and employees of the company staying awake to release goods, helping Hanoi health authorities and hospitals to set up field hospitals ahead of schedule.

Starting a business in 2008 with a modest initial capital, up to now, vantai24h has an estimated capital value of more than 100 billion VND. Annual revenue increased steadily. From a small and medium-sized enterprise with trucks ranging from 1.2 to 10 tons, now the Company receives road freight along the North-South route by trucks, self-propelled cranes, transporting super-long and super-sized goods. important. In addition to owning more than 200 trucks of all kinds with loads ranging from 1.25 to 27 tons, container trucks, vantai24h now also expands its network of links with many businesses and individuals in Hanoi and many others. Provinces and cities throughout the country transport goods both by land and by sea.

With the motto of putting customer satisfaction first, Vantai24h Company has gradually built up a reputation, and has become a strong transport brand in the market. Following the working process of many company employees, we found that they have the common characteristic of being honest with customers and partners.

Thanks to many partners and customers trust, Vantai24h Company has more jobs and also has better conditions to take care of employees. It is each of these resonant links that helps Vantai24h to create credibility and culture in corporate labor in a substantive way. The proof is that, before signing the contract, the company's staff always advise customers on reasonable shipping options so that they only have to spend the most economical shipping service fee, but still Enjoy the best possible shipping benefits. During the transportation process, Vantai24h's driver becomes an escort, handling the bill of lading of the shipper without having to send staff to monitor and perform these tasks. At the end of the shipping process, upon delivery, the goods are thoroughly inspected. The company will refund the goods that are damaged or broken due to transportation. When paying, the accountants of the fleet will send a detailed list and are ready to explain the expenses to the most complete shipper.

Not chasing profits at all costs, sharing with employees sincerely, accompanying employees is what has been clearly demonstrated at Vantai24h Company. It is for that reason that employees, customers and partners always trust and accompany to achieve success.

Believing that, in the future, with a humane way of filling, Vantai24h Company will develop stronger.


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