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Vantai24h driver's experience of crossing flooded roads

Vantai24h – Not only being polite to customers, partners in business and transportation, but Vantai24h's drivers are also very experienced when operating vehicles through flooded roads. They are very polite to passersby, promptly helping those in distress on the journey. Recently, during the time when Hanoi was deeply submerged in water on the afternoon of May 29, Vantai24h's driver enthusiastically saved the vehicles that had stalled in the middle of the road, helping to avoid traffic jams.

Talking to us on the morning of May 30, Nguyen Huy Hung, a driver of Vantai24h, confided that in recent years, the situation and chorus of rain is flooding not only in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Minh but also took place in many other provinces and cities such as Bac Ninh, Nha Trang (Khanh Hoa), Ha Long (Quang Ninh) and even some cities in mountainous provinces such as Dien Bien Phu and Bac Can were also affected. localized flooding for quite a long time. Flooding causes great difficulties for cargo drivers, especially dry goods packed in cardboard boxes that do not allow water to penetrate, reducing the quality of goods. However, according to Mr. Hung, it is very difficult to drive a light truck on a flooded road because being selfish and going at high speed will affect other people, families on the roadside, sedans and motorbikes. , rudimentary vehicles circulate on the road. In fact, if you launch at a fast speed, high throttle to go through flooded roads about 0.4-0.6cm, it will create big waves. These waves will push the water to overflow into the houses by the roadside, so it will be flooded. This causes the motorbikes traveling in the same direction and in the opposite direction to be pushed and easily fall. Anh Hung added, when flooded, vehicle drivers tend to avoid the curb, go to the middle of the road for fear of going into manholes, installing sewers, prone to accidents. Flooded roads are a concern for many drivers when operating their vehicles on the road because they are prone to flooding, breakdowns, and engine breakdowns. In order to avoid flooding and damage to the engine, Vantai24h's drivers often go in low gear and run the accelerator evenly or increase the throttle when going through flooded roads beyond the exhaust pipe, because then the exhaust gas flow will create Large thrust prevents water from entering the exhaust pipe. If you can't go fast, you can keep your foot on the brake but still press the accelerator. Absolutely do not reduce the gas when the water is over the exhaust pipe because that will reduce the thrust of the exhaust flow and can make it easier for water to enter the machine. In addition, do not move near vehicles with large loads, because they will create sudden large waves, which can flood the intake or exhaust pipes.

At about 2pm on May 29, when driving the car to return goods on Doi Can street, Mr. Hung had to stop the car and use a tow truck to support the dead sedan vios with control plate 30F-85xxx. engine, cross the flooded road and pull over to the side of the road to allow traffic to flow. According to Mr. Hung's experience, for the deep flooded road, it is necessary to pay attention to observe carefully and should limit traveling in the opposite direction to the vehicle running in front. Because when two cars go in opposite directions, it will create waves on the bonnet of the car, causing the risk of water overflowing into the intake manifold or the engine cover can wet the spark plugs, causing engine stall. To minimize the possibility of engine stalling when traveling through a flooded road, the best way is to observe the vehicles ahead, to avoid potholes and potholes. Besides, in order to reduce the load on the engine, the driver should also turn off all unnecessary load equipment such as: Air conditioning system, sound ... If the vehicle stalls, the driver must remain calm to determine the cause. In addition, if water gets inside the engine, absolutely do not restart the engine, because not only can't start the engine, but it may jam the piston, bend the arm. Hero analyzed, when water enters the car, it will create a great pressure, confronting the pressure from the pistons that are pushing strongly on the intake air mixture. In this case, if the driver still tries to start the car, it accidentally causes the amount of water to overflow with more force, causing the piston rods to be deformed, even broken or damaged. When the piston arm is broken, it will reduce the quality of the cylinder's performance and damage the engine shaft, puncture the engine block, causing serious damage to the car engine. In addition to the engine, the hydraulic jack also adversely affects the electrical system of the car. When the car is flooded, the electrical system of the car such as lights, horns, entertainment system... will be affected as it may be rusted or burned. Therefore, when the car accidentally stalls when flooded, absolutely do not restart the car when it is submerged in deep water. The only way in this case is that the driver needs to turn off the engine immediately, push the car to a high position or raise the chassis to wait for the rescue to arrive and take the car to the repair shop. In addition, the driver needs to quickly remove the negative terminal of the battery. This is seen as an immediate solution to limit damage, and at the same time contributes to avoiding short circuits, helping to protect the ECU or engine box from damage. At the same time, you should check the vehicle's oil dipstick for signs of water bubbles entering the lubrication system. If so, the engine has been flooded. change and filter the oil.


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