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Vantai24h - Army in the street Vantai24h - 5/10/2017, not long ago, Vantai24h celebrated its sixth anniversary. This is a happy day for all staff, employees and drivers, who are often referred to as "hundreds of them".
Vantai24h and journey gratitude at Vi Xuyen (Ha Giang) Vantai24h - For many years recently, Vantai24h has always devoted a part of the profits in business to support the poor in remote areas. According to calculations, each year, Vantai24h spend about 200 to 300 million for charity. There are a number of programs that Vantai24h has participated in in 2015 and 2016, such as: Bring warm clothes to children in the highland Son La, "Bring spring to your sister", "Lighted up the dream". .
Transport 24h Co.LTD shares love with the mounatainous area of Chieng Bom (Son La)’s residents Vantai24h – Date 01/27/2016 – Before snowy winter days, Transport 24h Co.Ltd together with HSC’s the charity club ‘Sharing Love’ had shipped winter clothes, warm blankets and other practical items to residents living in mountainous areas of Chieng Bom Commune, Thuan Chau District, Son La Province.
The charity program “Bring spring to children” Vantai24h – Date 01/25/2016 – Every spring the annual activity “Connect the arms” hold by Lao dong va Xa hoi newspaper “always receives the interest and support from benefactors and Transport 24h Co.Ltd.
Transport 24h Co.Ltd and the charity program “Bring dreams to light” Vantai24h – Date 01/22/2016 – There are usually a number of charitable programs being hold at the end of the year. Only in the fourth quarter of 2015, Transport 24h Co.Ltd participated in 20 charity trips and transported goods to many mountainous areas. “Bring dreams to light” is among them.
The charity journey of “Loving heart” in Bac Kan province (P2) Vantai24h – Date 11/11/2015 – Apart from main school point of the kindergarten and primary school of Banh Trach Commune, two other schools in the charity list were the schools of Na Coi and Ban Lap.
The charity journey of “Loving heart” in Bac Kan province (P1) Vantai24h – Date 11/09/2015 – On last days of October with an early blast of cold air, Transport 24h Co.Ltd accompanied the charity group “Loving Heart” Hanoi and TH True Milk JSC to transport warm clothes, winter blankets , food and personal stuff to children living in Na Coi Village, Banh Trach Commune, Ba Be District, Bac Can Province.
The meaning trip to Tuyen Quang Vantai24h – 07/14/2015 - With the desire to share life difficulties with local people and students at the remotely mountainous area, Transport 24h accompanied “Noi vong tay lon” Assiciation to transport charitable commodity from Hanoi to Tuyen Quang, bringring warm feelings from benefactors living both in the country and abroad to residents and children at Thang Loi Church, Go Danh Village, Phu Lam Town, Yen Son District, Tuyen Quang Province.
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