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The charity journey of “Loving heart” in Bac Kan province (P1)

Vantai24h – Date 11/09/2015 – On last days of October with an early blast of cold air, Transport 24h Co.Ltd accompanied the charity group “Loving Heart” Hanoi and TH True Milk JSC to transport warm clothes, winter blankets , food and personal stuff to children living in Na Coi Village, Banh Trach Commune, Ba Be District, Bac Can Province.

Due to disadvantages of hazardous terrain, our charity journey seems to be more difficult. Most of the roads here were the combination of soil and rock to decrease the danger of slippery paths. The road we were following led us to primary schools in Na Coi Village, Banh Tranh Commune where children were deprived of many basic living conditions such as warm clothes, shoes and nutritional food.



Seeing the deprivation local children had to suffer, all volunteers of our charity group felt very sad so despite long distance and dangerous route our drivers had strong determination to accompany volunteers of the charity group of “Loving Heart” Hanoi to transport charity goods to assigned schools according to the schedule.


With local children, small gifts had precise meanings. TH True Milk JSC donated more than 1400 milk cartons to children. In addition, many benefactors and the charity group of “Loving Heart” Hanoi donated nearly packs of instant noodles, 120 liters of cooking oil, 500 notebooks, 200 sweaters, 120 pairs of honeycomb slippers, 90 woolen beanies, 15 clothes bags, 15 winter blankets, 10 sleeping mattress, 3 rice bags along with biscuits and candies. The total value of donated goods and transport expense was 60 million VND. Transport 24h Co.Ltd sponsored 100% transport expense. All donated gifts were given to local children in kindergartens and the primary school of Banh Trach Commune, the school of Na Coi and Ban Lap School.


With this little boy, his happiness was not only the gift from volunteers but his friends also had milk and biscuits for themselves. Then on the following school days, they would write down knowledge on white pages and try their best to study and live up to the hopes of their parents, teachers and benefactors.

(End of part 1)

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