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Transport 24h Co.Ltd and the charity program “Bring dreams to light”

Vantai24h – Date 01/22/2016 – There are usually a number of charitable programs being hold at the end of the year. Only in the fourth quarter of 2015, Transport 24h Co.Ltd participated in 20 charity trips and transported goods to many mountainous areas. “Bring dreams to light” is among them.


On November 6, 2015 Transport 24h Co.Ltd’s trucks shipping charitable goods accompanied with organizers of the program  “Bring dreams to light” to transport goods from Hanoi to the school of Sung Phinh ABC (Sung Thai Commune, Yen Minh District, Ha Giang Province). The program was hold by the charity fund of Lotus Vietnam who collaborated with the University of Irrigation. In addition, there were other organizations joining the program such as Khai Tam Viet Club, volunteers of University of Irrigation, Tam Dao Corporation, Phu Nguyen Media Company, OPP Vietnam Corporation, Lover Flowers Shop Company and so forth. The program also received huge support from domestic and abroad benefactors including Speaker Son Lam, Mrs.Thuong Thuong (the head managed of vocational training center Thuong Thuong), singer Khanh Phong, singer Le Vu Binh, director Kelbin Hoang, singer Le Roi, singer Thanh Ban Chai and so forth.


With the total volume of charitable goods up to 5 tons, Transport 24h Co.Ltd sponsored 100% transport expenses from Hanoi to Ha Giang. The donated goods included: over 3 tons of old clothes, over 100 new clothes, 142 winter blankets, 10 sets of stainless steel dining tables and chairs, a school drum kit, new books and textbooks and school supplies. Besides, the organizers also prepared foods, sweets and milk for local children. Donation program which occurred from October 10 to November 7 2015 through mass media, charity music event and business activities for funding collected about 29 million VND in cash. All the money was spent on the purchase of blankets, tables, books, educational equipment and other practical items.


Ha Giang Province has 6 mountainous districts with the highest rate of impoverishment in the country. Yen Minh District is one of them. As far as we knew, in Sung Thai Commune (Yen Minh District) local residents, most of whom were Hmong ethnics were very poor. Nearly 1200 students of Sung Phinh ABC School led deprived lives with limited study environment. The road leading to their school was very difficult to go with not only local children but also adults like us. Every day they had to get over mountains, go through forests to go to school in the chilly wind of winter. Thanks to practical experience, we felt more sympathetic with people here. Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thuy (Tam Dao Media Corporation) said: “The main aim of this trip was not only to give presents to local children but also help members to have more objective perspective into difficult circumstances and perform volunteering work better in the future. I think this target is partly achieved”.

Along steep paths with rocky soil, we finally reached the final destination. A simple and poor school appeared in front of us. There were walls with peeling paints and leaky roofs in every classroom. In addition to black board and old school furniture, the classes had nothing, meaning that equipment for teaching and learning became very scarce here. Local children had to go to school with sweaters, thin cotton T-shirts with outer shirts in frigid cold.


After giving small gifts to school students, we all felt relieved. The charitable program and conversations with local teachers and children brought many unforgettable memories to members. In the campfire, strangers came closer together regardless of backgrounds and ages. Performances of singers made the program more lively and attractive.

The winter will be over but warm feelings of the community will remain with local children. Small gifts from organizations, individuals and benefactors will motivate students to continue their study and enrich their hometown in the future./.

PR: Thuy Lien

Translator: Thanh Hoa

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