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Experience exceeds business targets of driving Vantai24h

Vantai24h - In the organization of transport, transportation is the most important step, which is decisive to the business performance of companies and individuals. We met many drivers working at Vantai24h regularly exceed the norm and the average income of more than 10 million per month, even months to reach 15 million. So, what is the secret of these people?

Nguyen Van Thuy, a native of Thanh Hoa, has been working as a driver in Vantai24h for more than two years. Thuy assigned a vehicle with a load of 1.25 tons. Before working for Vantai24h, Thuy worked in some businesses, but the income was not enough to cover personal life. If you compare trucking with other activities, this is a sector that requires less investment because of the time, the cost of learning the driver does not cost much to get a job right away. But is the bottom line to survive?

- So, what is the secret to survive with the profession compared to others of Thuy? I ask.

Do not hesitate, Thuy confided, it is important to belong to him. Have been in Hanoi for a few years, but no sugar is not. From Hanoi to the northern provinces such as: From Ha Noi to National Highway 1A to Bac Ninh, Bac Giang, Lang Son; Follow Highway 3 to Thai Nguyen; Cao Bang, Bac Can; along National Road 5 to Hung Yen, Hai Duong, Hai Phong, Quang Ninh; By Highway 6 to Hoa Binh, Son La, Dien Bien or Ha Noi to the south through the provinces of Ha Nam, Ninh Binh, Thanh Hoa, Nghe An, Ha Tinh, Quang Binh, Quang Tri ... Thuy gra like palm. Thuy used to carry large trucks carrying goods from the North to Kien Giang, then ferry out Phu Quoc Island at the southernmost of the country. Road network in Hanoi Thuy is very strong. Actual driving, driving without the road is not okay.

Next, Water analysis: Skills, driving experience of everyone in Vantai24h are basically the same, if more than less then not much. The key to earning a high income and keeping that income stable at Vantai24h is the responsibility of each person with the means, the job and with the customer. Wanting to have a high, stable income means that in every situation, the job is well defined. To do so, you must thoroughly understand the terms of the contract with the company, to know what to do and how to do it well.

Marine for example, Vantai24h regulations, weekly vehicle inspection on Sunday. If for some reason, such as late arrivals, busy family affairs, personal reasons that do not do is wrong. Thuy's experience is that, only in the event of force majeure, can not clean the car on the weekend to bear and report the responsible person of the company clear. Thuy said that it is also showing responsibility, car love attitude like the driver's child.

The second element that Mercenary gained in transporting is that, always dedicated to the customer. Thuy do not hesitate to help customers, directly lined up the car, millet insert firmly. When arriving, Water selects a convenient parking location for quick, clean, safe unloading. Communicating with customers is also important in behavioral skills. According to Thuy, each customer has a different personality, the key is to choose not to offend, lose customers and in particular, always respect the customer, no expression or any degree of dissatisfaction with the owner.

In addition to these factors, a key point is very important for Thuy always in the top of the sales, increase income is always ready to receive jobs and complete the shipping. When the vehicle parts are believed to be transported, Thuy is on the way immediately, even during breaks, holidays. Thuy confided, when the customer peace of mind and confidence, when the logistics of the company find themselves responsible for the work will call. In response to this belief, we have to serve better, in which the key is to drive and deliver the goods to the absolute safe destination.

Exchanging with many drivers working at Vantai24h we realize, although each person has a different way of showing responsibility for work, but towards a common goal is to increase personal income. The majority of drivers are aware that the driving profession is always fluctuating and there are many situations arise, easy to make money, income deficit. Therefore, the process of work must really love the job, love the job, careful, meticulous, car care, thoughtful car care and dedicated to the customer, will actively solve the work effectively. These experiences are being disseminated and drawn into lessons at Vantai24h.

At present, 24-hour Transport Service Company Limited has hundreds of means of trucking capacity from 1.25 tons to 27 tons operating across the roads in all areas of the country. Of which, Vantai24h has about 250 drivers. With the professional way, many customers have come to Vantai24h to carry transport services.

At present, to operate the organization of transportation more and more quality, smooth and effective, Vantai24h always respect the comments from customers to draw experience in organizing transport services. Hopefully, the precious experiences of many drivers, including the experience of Nguyen Van Thuy are noted and updated by drivers, applying in specific conditions.



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