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Ho Chi Minh City: Collecting charges, preventing traffic jams in the inner city

Vantai24h - Tien Phong Technology Joint Stock Company (ITD) has reported to the Department of Transport. HCM scheme to charge car to central area. Accordingly, 36 toll gates will be built in a closed loop, applying modern charging technology to reduce the number of private cars entering the inner city during peak hours.

Each car will open an account, any car moving into the center during peak hours, the system will deduct money in the account. Vehicles that do not pay, the system will record and report through the registry, there will be sanctioning rules and will not register until the payment. Suggested price is 40,000 VND / time. The system will only collect during peak hours so people choose the right route.

Tien Phong Technology Joint Stock Company calculates that in the first year of charging, the number of cars entering the peak hour center will fall by 50%, giving way to a 9% increase in bus traffic to 15% , help change the behavior of using private vehicles, switch to using public transport.

According to this scheme, traditional taxis have to pay VND 30,000 / visit to the city center during peak hours. As a representative of the ITD Company, taxis are also considered as a form of public passenger transport. In HCM City, taxis cause traffic jams waiting for passengers, no parking. Charging will reduce this situation because only when there are new drivers driving into the center. It is estimated that the number of cabs entering the inner city will decrease by 30%.

The Uber, Grab taxi is not discount because ITD said that vehicles of this type of business have not registered business, causing the car development in the city surge, increased congestion and difficulty. scarcity in management issues.



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