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The economic policy series come into effect in October

Vantai24h - In October, 1974, a number of policies related to the fields of the Industry and Trade officially came into effect.

Decree on goods, services, geographical areas to perform state monopoly in commercial activities

On August 10, the Government issued Decree No. 94/2017 / ND-CP on commodities, services and geographical areas to perform state monopoly in commercial activities.

The list attached to the Decree specifies 20 goods and services accompanied by one or several phases of corresponding trade activities. The decree does not regulate the state monopoly.

The implementation of state monopoly in commercial activities for these goods and services has been stipulated in the existing legal system.

The state monopoly territory is the entire territory of Vietnam.

Guiding the implementation of a number of contents of the Government's Decree No. 68/2017 / ND-CP of May 25, 2017 on the management and development of industrial clusters.

On 31/8/2017, Minister of Industry and Trade Tran Tuan Anh signed the Circular No. 15/2017 / TT-BCT guiding the implementation of some contents of Decree No. 68/2017 / ND-CP. May 25, 2017 of the Government on management and development of industrial clusters.

The Circular applies to enterprises, cooperatives and units investing in the construction of technical infrastructure of industrial clusters; Organizations and individuals producing and trading in industrial clusters; Other agencies, organizations and individuals involved in the management and operation of industrial clusters.

The forms of documents and regulations on management of industrial clusters are provided in Appendix 2 to this Circular, so that the localities shall base themselves on the practical application thereof.

The local Industry and Trade Department is the focal point assisting the Minister of Industry and Trade in performing the State management over industrial clusters nationwide as prescribed in Article 35 of Decree No. 68/2017 / ND-CP; They shall have to guide and handle problems arising in the course of implementing this Circular.

This Circular shall be of full force and effect from 16 October 2017.

Project Development Regulations and Model Power Purchase Agreement applicable to solar power projects

On September 12, the Minister of Industry and Trade signed the Circular No. 16/2017 / TT-BCT on project development and the Model Power Purchase Agreement applicable to solar power projects.

Circular contains 5 chapters, 22 articles, specifying: (i) planning and development of solar power projects; (ii) the selling price of grid connected solar power projects and roof solar power projects; (iii) sample contract for solar power (grid and roof) projects; (iv) responsibilities of relevant organizations and individuals.

The annexes attached to the Circular include: (i) Contents of the provincial planning scheme for solar power development; (ii) Power purchase contract for grid connected solar power projects; (iii) A sample power purchase agreement for roof solar power projects.

The promulgation of the circular helped clarify the investment procedures for developing solar power in Vietnam, promoting investment in developing solar power, and adding capacity to the power system.

The circular takes effect from October 26.

3 cases where the securities trading company is placed in a warning state

According to Circular 87/2017 / TT-BTC effective from October 10, 1977, the securities trading company was placed in alert when falling into one of the following three cases:

- Available capital ratios of 150% to less than 180% in all reporting periods for 3 consecutive months;

- The proportion of available capital that has been reviewed or audited by an auditing organization is between 150% and less than 180%;

- Report on the financial safety ratios accepted by the auditing organization to reject opinions (or contradictory opinions), refuse to give opinions (or can not give opinions), comments Except for some of the indicators in this report, excluding exceptions out of available funds will lead to a 150% to less than 180% availability ratio.

Accordingly, securities business organizations are excluded from the warning status when the ratio of available capital reaches 180% or more for 3 consecutive months, in which the proportion of capital available in the final report period must be audited by an approved auditing organization. Regulations on foreign currency in video games with prizes

According to Circular No. 11/2017 / TT-NHNN dated October 15, 1977, enterprises conducting business of prize-winning electronic games allowed foreigners to buy foreign currencies for business activities. This is within the scope of foreign currency revenue and expenditure and other foreign exchange activities on the basis of presenting documents and documents to ensure legal and valid transactions.

Prior to that, the State Bank of Vietnam has issued Circular 10/2017 / TT-NHNN (effective from 15/10/2017) also guided in detail the receipt of foreign currency bonus for casino players in the school. Receipt of foreign currency in cash and by bank transfer. However, Circular 10/2017 / TT-NHNN only applies to players who are foreigners.

New procedure for granting employment permit for foreigners via internet

Circular 23/2017 / TT-LDTBXH dated October 2, 2010 of the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs provides guidance.

New procedure for granting employment permit for foreigners via internet

Circular No. 23/2017 / TT-LDTBXH dated October 2, 2010 of the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs providing guidance on the procedures for granting of work permits to foreign laborers working in Vietnam. via the Internet as follows:

The employer submits the information to the declaration form and submits the application to the labor permit issuing office via the portal at least 7 working days from the date the foreign worker intends to arrest head work.

Within 5 working days from the date of receipt of the declaration and the application for a work permit, the issuing body must reply the e-mail to the employer. If requested then add.

After receiving the appropriate dossiers, the laborers shall submit the originals of the dossiers of application for permits to the granting agencies for examination, comparison and archival according to regulations. The issuing agency shall return the results to the employer within no more than 8 working hours from the date of receipt of the original of the dossier.


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