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Experience driving trucks of Vantai24h

Vantai24h - Driving trucks is a stressful job, especially in the context of the traffic-consciousness of the majority of people who abstain from poor traffic safety. We have recorded some of the experience of good skilled drivers when operating at Vantai24h for reference.

Do not keep the needle

Cars are designed to require a lot of driver intervention, so some inaccuracies, improper techniques will greatly affect the durability, longevity of the car as well as safety when the car. traffic on the road. In other words, when driving a car, the driver needs to be able to operate properly and accurately to keep the car safe.

According to Hung, want to move the car, the driver needs to taper, the number, release the cone and increase gas. When the car has been running steady on the road, instead of the right hand for balance on the steering wheel, some drivers have the habit of placing their right hand on the gearshift for convenience of shifting. Or by moving on the highways, so the driver is very leisurely, placing his hands constantly on the lever. Many do not know that this is the direct cause of the gearbox.

According to Hung, when the serial number is needed, the serial number must be connected directly to the digital cassette - shaped like a fork, which is connected directly to the crossover and it will " With digital gear, the car can get into numbers. As the car moves, these parts will vibrate, although the vibration is very small, which can only be felt when placing a hand on the lever. However, when the driver puts his hand on the continuous gearbox, it will cause more and more contact with the accelerator, which is rotating at a very high speed, leading to both parts becoming worn out and damaged.

Do not put your feet on the taper pedal

The task of the clutch pedal is to disconnect the clutch, remove the gearbox from the engine so the car can transfer the number. Should follow the Hung, when the foot pedal on the clutch pedal, more or less many drivers will also work on certain forces. This will cause the clutch to not fit fully with the engine and cause clutch slip. The resulting gearbox will not transmit 100 percent of the engine's power, fueling the clutch and the clutch will soon be corroded. It is worth mentioning, the clutch is the part that is responsible for connecting the engine and gearbox to the transmission to the driving gear. Furthermore, the clutch is also capable of cutting power transmission lines as needed. Therefore, if the driver continually pushing on the clutch pedal, this unit will work "half" and quickly wear down. When the clutch is about to break, the car will lose its loading and mud than normal.

Do not let the red light stop

According to Hung, driving Vantai24h, while waiting for the red lights, many drivers hold cone feet without numbers, this is very harmful. According to him, the number N will be most beneficial to the car when stopping red lights or traffic jam. Because the ball bearing directly connected to the clutch has a long lifespan, however, it is not that it will be completely durable when the driver uses the wrong way. About N will separate the clutch from the gearbox, which helps the bearings to contact the springs on the clutch, which increases the life of the transmission.

Do not use the cone to hold the car on the slope

When stopping on the slopes, many familiar drivers release the clutches to the point where the car remains stationary, and even when they are taking a driver's license, the instructors do not know it is harmful. Because it will make the most gear when details such as clutch release, driving gear, ball bearings will be subjected to great friction to keep the vehicle volume nearly 2 tons standing still on the slope while winning at 4 The cake can take on this responsibility gently. In fact, this feature only allows the vehicle to stand still for 1-2 seconds so that the driver has time to switch from the brake pedal to the accelerator pedal. Use the brakes when parking longer than 5 seconds, if you are afraid of slipping on the move, you drop the cone, stomping more gas and slowly release the hand to lift the car on the slope.

Do not press the number to accelerate

The high numbers on the lever play a role in helping the car go fast but still keep the tour low, helping to save fuel and the machine parts are operated with the lowest pressure. When they want to speed up, the drivers usually go to a number, increase the gas, then the old number, this helps the car accelerate very quickly but also harmful gear than pressing the accelerator to accelerate. In addition, only shifts when the car reaches full speed, limiting the habit of gear shift when the tour round the red line. Getting the gearbox to work under long-term pressures, its lifespan will certainly decrease.


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